Reavis says the Holy Spirit gives power for Kingdom work

February 1, 2024

Herb Reavis attended Moody Bible Institute and often saw a plaque there that read, “Near this place Dwight L. Moody knelt and asked God for a school.”

“Moody wasn’t educated or ordained, but biographers said he ‘shook two continents for God,’” Reavis told participants at a Jan. 29 luncheon at the 2024 Alabama Baptist State Evangelism Conference. “He and Jonathan Edwards and R.A. Torrey knew ‘the secret:’ the power of God makes a difference through the Holy Spirit.

“Churches cannot trust in plans, programs, technology or facilities, but must seek the power of the Holy Spirit most of all.”

Reavis, pastor of North Jacksonville Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida, for 32 years, told the group that seeking the power of the Spirit begins with obedience in all respects, noting the baptism of Jesus.

“John was surprised, and said he needed Jesus to baptize Him,” Reavis said. “But Jesus declared it was necessary to fulfill all things and He wished to be obedient to the Father.

“We can’t be undisciplined or uncommitted and expect the blessings of God. The ‘finger of the Spirit’ touches our hearts and shows us areas of growth.”

Reavis recalled that he “came forward” in his church as a nine-year-old but didn’t have a genuine conversion experience.

“I believe nine-year-olds can be saved, but I didn’t truly repent and trust Christ at the time,” he acknowledged.

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