Resurrection Sunday Evangelism Ideas

Resurrection Sunday 2020 Evangelism Ideas: 1. Invite an unsaved/unchurched family member, friend, or neighbor to watch the live stream of your church this Sunday. Many will accept your invitation to watch on-line who would not attend in person. 2. Introduce all of your social media contacts to Jesus by recording a short video of your […]

J.D. Greear: Why Baptism Sunday?

For several years now, I have been greatly burdened by the declining number of baptisms across the Southern Baptist Convention. I believe the baptism numbers serve as one of the best indicators of evangelism in our churches. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost, and that means that proclaiming the Gospel is the […]

Jesus Proclaimed During Crossover Visitation

Terry Long says it was two flat tires that led to one big miracle June 8 during Crossover Birmingham. Long, who serves as associational missions director for Choctaw Baptist Association, and Roy and Becky Adkins, members of First Baptist Church, Oak Grove, in Adger, had just knocked on their second door and gotten no answer […]

Evangelism requires power of Holy Spirit

Kie Bowman said the report was one he thought he’d never see. “I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t click bait,” he said. But it wasn’t. It was a Barna report with this statistic — 47 percent of young adult Christians in America now believe it’s wrong to evangelize.  But 94 percent […]

2019 State Evangelism Conference

Roger Willmore said he will hit his knees a little differently in the mornings after hearing the last sermon of this year’s Alabama Baptist State Evangelism Conference. The sermon, preached by Jeremy Morton, was an “arresting and sobering” message, said Willmore, director of missions for Calhoun Baptist Association. “He preached on Mark 1 about the […]