Apologetics Training

Worldview Set Apart

Learn the five basic elements of any worldview (Origin, Meaning, Morality, Destiny, and Authority) and how the Christian worldview is the only one that is fully consistent and comprehensive. Learn how to articulate and share the O.M.M.D.A. strategy from a Christ perspective in any context and situation.

Who Do People Say That I Am?

How do other world-views and religions understand and answer this question?  Learn how this question proposed by Jesus is so important to answering the fundamental question that we all  face as humans. 

World-views in Conflict

How do muslims see the world? Why is it important for Christians to understand other religions and world-views like Islam? In this teaching series we learn how Christians are commanded to “be ready” to give a reason for our belief and how that also means understanding other opinions of the  five biggest questions of reality.

Why Do We Need to Defend Our Faith?

Why should I apologize for the Christian faith? What is apologetics and why do Christians need to learn how to defend the faith? In this series we look at the Biblical and historical background of Christian apologetics.